We Put Margaret Josephs and Her Mom to the Test: How Many of These Millennial Dating Terms Do They Know?

It turns out Marge Sr. may have sent a few "sexts" herself ... 

We have to hand it to the millennials: They sure know how to sum up the ins, outs, and incredible confusion of dating in one catchy term. For example, they use "breadcrumbing" to describe that strange phenomenon that's not quite ghosting. And, well, we all know what "sexting" means by now — including Marge Senior, Margaret Josephs' hilariously spicy mama. 

The Real Housewives of New Jersey's "powerhouse in pigtails" recently stopped by Bravo HQ with her mother to dish on millennial dating terms. And as it turns out, the two ladies are pretty in the know on these catchy little terms. And, they even perpetrate some of them! 

"Oh, I do that all the time," Marge Sr. said casually, when asked about sexting. (Yes, we died.) But, everyone, relax! She doesn't send out pictures along with her "provocative statements" ... "anymore."

Now, let's move on to "ghosting." Has Marge Sr. done that? "No, I just ignore them," she said. "That's called ghosting, Marge Sr.," Margaret reminded her. 

The terms submarining, stashing, and phubbing, were a challenge for both ladies. But when they learned what those terms meant, they both accused each other of phubbing! A mother-daughter phub, can even you handle it?

Watch the video above to hear some of our favorite Jersey ladies play a hilarious guessing game. And, for those of you who are dating, there's also a little education on what these terms actually mean. The more you know! 

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